How to make code look pretty for social media

Learn how to turn your terminal screenshots into works of art, and boost your engagement on social media.

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While code snippets and terminal screenshots might seem like the least visually compelling cybersecurity content, they consistently rank as some of the most engaging posts. After publishing more than 5,000 cybersecurity social media posts in the past year, we've honed the art of turning these "visually bland" screenshots into vibrant, engaging graphics. In this post, we'll share some of our favorite tools for transforming terminal screenshots so that they resonate with your technical audience and also align with your brand.


Most of our graphics are made with the help of Canva. As far as graphic design platforms go, none beat Canva for its balance between simplicity and quality. It is extremely easy to use compared to tools like Figma yet it has advanced features that allow you to produce high quality cybersecurity content. One of the main reasons we use Canva is the ability to quickly produce GIFs and videos. Paying for Canva Pro unlocks access to premium stock content (images, graphics and videos) and features such as background remover, brand kits and social media scheduling. All that for about a coffee per week ☕.

💡TIP: Take some time to set up a brand template including your fonts, color schemes, logos and custom templates so you can easily access your assets and match your brand aesthetics.


When we want to share a code snippet or a one-liner we use Carbon. This tool lets you create beautiful images of your code. It’s open source, free to use and doesn't require sign up. Choose from a wide range of preset themes and languages and get started straight away, or create your own themes and styles to match your brand and help your social media accounts stand out from the crowd.

Make sure to also check out Raycast’s ray.so and Snappify. Both are commendable alternatives to Carbon. Ray is straightforward however there is very little ability for customisation, and Snappify can produce beautiful results however is more complex than the others.


GIFs can contain more information and are more eye-catching than static images making them ideal for demonstrating complex cybersecurity commands on social media. We use Gifox to create our terminal GIFs. It’s easy to use and has some great features including:

  • Toggling the cursor capture on / off
  • Highlighting mouse interactions
  • Speed multiplying
  • GIF editing

The straightforward editor allows for quick creation of GIFs for busy social media managers and cybersecurity content creators. The pro version unlocks unlimited recording and removes the watermark. 

Gifox is only available on Mac so you would need to look into other GIF recording tools such as ScreenToGif for Windows or online tools such as VEED.


Different posts call for varied fonts, so it's crucial to have a range in your arsenal. Here are 4 of the most popular free font websites on the internet:

Whether for brand consistency or the occasional themed post, they've got you covered. Plus, Canva's compatibility with uploaded fonts ensures consistency across platforms.


There are many colour picker tools out there and Canva even has one too, however we recommend using one like ColorSlurp. This tool allows you to pick colours anywhere on your screen and boasts an “ultra-accurate” magnifier to ensure the colours you pick are accurate. We use ColorSlurp to help keep everything in line with our client’s guidelines.


When you have your code snippet or terminal output ready to go and just need to take a screenshot, try using Xnapper to take your screenshot. This tool is perfect for quickly and easily enhancing screenshots, from rounding edges to adding drop shadows and backgrounds. All of the static images in this blog have been made using Xnapper (then into Canva to add the logos). 


Any cybersecurity professional understands the importance of terminal aesthetics. iTerm not only enhances the look of your terminal but also ensures it aligns seamlessly with your brand. You can set up multiple profiles within the iTerm preferences and can edit the font, font colours, terminal prompts and so much more. 


Crafting visually compelling cybersecurity-focused social media posts goes beyond just sharing information; it's about sharing an experience. As you adopt these tools, remember that consistency is key: maintaining a unified color scheme, font type, and graphic style will not only enhance your brand's recognition but elevate the overall aesthetic of your cybersecurity social media presence, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, one post at a time.

At its core, social media thrives on captivating visuals. When cybersecurity content visually resonates, it invariably garners more attention, engagement, and traffic. With the tools listed above, you're not only set to catch the viewer's eye but also to captivate their attention, amplifying your reach and resonance.

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