Stop Publishing SEO Fodder

Mass-producing low-quality SEO content can hurt your brand and rankings. Focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that attracts and converts traffic.

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Every second cybersecurity organization has decided to mass produce content with the sole intention of boosting their search rankings. The problem? It results in a bunch of rubbish content that nobody wants to read, and it doesn't doesn't have the effect you might think.

Let's say you've found a nice shiny low-competition, high search volume keyword that relates to your business. You use ChatGPT to pump out a crappy article and publish it on your website within minutes. Fast forward a few months, and you've hit the #1 spot on Google!

Success! Or is it?

Now every time someone searches that keyword, they'll open up your blog and see some low quality SEO fodder that offers them no real value, then they'll leave your site. This increases your bounce rate (bad) and leaves the reader associating low-quality content with your brand (also bad). Over time, Google figures out that your content is not engaging or useful, and your rankings take a hit.

Your goal as a marketer is to get traffic to your site that converts, not just any traffic. It's much better to have fewer blogs that are higher quality. Producing high quality content also has other advantages:

  • They get more backlinks
  • They can be repurposed (converted to Twitter/X threads, videos, etc.)
  • They perform well on socials
The takeaway? Don't produce SEO fodder. Instead, produce good content and optimize it for SEO.

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