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Posting more frequently on social media boosts visibility and engagement. Focus on regular, medium-quality posts over perfect, infrequent ones for better results.

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We work with a lot of cybersecurity companies to manage their social media accounts. We have experimented with every tactic you can think of, but there is one beautiful, simple tactic that stands out above the rest: posting more often.

The best thing? This works on every social media platform. All of the major platforms have an algorithm that favors creators who post more frequently. Even if they didn't, posting frequently still increases the chance that your posts will be discovered, seen and shared by others.

I've watched marketing teams focus way too much on nitty gritty social media strategies, and not enough on simply posting more. They spend an hour crafting the perfect social media post to launch their new blog post when it would have been better to craft 10 medium-quality posts in the same amount of time, and schedule them out over the next 10 weeks.

Of course, it's best to produce both quality and quantity, and there's a minimum quality bar that you need to hit, but in general marketing teams are too skewed in the other direction.

The Challenge

Don't believe me? Just try it out. Sit down for 10 minutes each day and challenge yourself to write 4 posts in each session. Schedule those posts throughout the day. At the end of the month, go back and check your analytics!

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